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month of the couple

With the arrival of autumn, Ilhabela has a milder climate proper for outdoor walks and hikes, both on the beaches and in the mountain trails.

At the end of the afternoon many beautiful people enjoy the attractions of the historic center, which has bars, restaurants, disco and boutiques.

Super discounts on low season rates, and payment facilities, offer an unmissable opportunity to fully enjoy the nature of Ilhabela at its best in one of the best hotels on the island.

In the month of the couple, surprise your love with the decoration and champagne services in the suite that only the hotel Ilhasol can offer.

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We support you to chose and contract any kind of promenade offered by local companies in the island like boat, jeep, trekking, waterfalls, etc.

Fotos: Marcio Dufranc Fotografia - Todos os Direitos Reservados