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Month of Valentine

Surprise your love and enjoy the discounted weekend packages, and the decoration and sparkling services in the suite that only the Ilhasol hotel can offer.

Corpus Christi package in 6x on card.

With the arrival of autumn, Ilhabela starts to enjoy a milder climate, suitable for walks and outdoor walks, both on the beaches and on the mountain trails. The end of the rainy season ensures more sunny and clear days without the strong summer sun. At this time, the streets and beaches are emptier and provide even more tranquility and safety to visitors

After a day of beach, sea or ecological walks, or simply a rest and nature observation, the village is visited every early afternoon by beautiful people circling their sophisticated cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

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We support you to chose and contract any kind of promenade offered by local companies in the island like boat, jeep, trekking, waterfalls, etc.

Fotos: Marcio Dufranc Fotografia - Todos os Direitos Reservados