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The warm weather and warm water currents that bathe its numerous beaches provide the ideal environment for you to enjoy your holidays or just an unforgettable weekend.

The atmosphere is all festive and with a strong “summer mood”. People get contaminated  with this climate and make the most of the many options that Ilhabela offers, including the most diverse types of beaches, waterfalls, trails and extreme sports among others simply indulging in leisure and the contemplation of birds and nature.

After a day of beach, sea or ecological walks, waterfalls and trails, or simply rest, the village has been visited, since the early evening, by beautiful people circulating through its sophisticated cafes, restaurants and boutiques. This month also opens the season of sea cruises on the pier and filling the village with life and sophistication.

The hotel is located in the south of the island where the most beautiful beaches of the channel are concentrated, guaranteeing calm and quiet, far from the crowds closest to the bustle.


Fotos: Marcio Dufranc Fotografia - Todos os Direitos Reservados